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What to expect

An initial osteopathic consultation takes place in three parts.

  1. A Case History – to gain an idea about the best way to help you, your practitioner will ask you lots of questions about your current complaint and your past medical history. It helps if you can have a list of any current medication you may be taking.
  2. An Examination – your practitioner will ask you to undress to your underwear so that a thorough examination can be carried out. This will involve you being asked to make some movements so that you bodies response to the movements can be assessed. The practitioner will also use palpation, a highly developed sense of touch, to help identify and localise any problems. Based on this a diagnosis will be made and discussed with you.
  3. The Treatment – based on you diagnosis your practitioner will discuss treatment options that may be available and, if appropriate, carry out any agreed treatment.